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十.关于Set Phrase的总结
1. be believed to be
2. be estimated to be
3. distinguish between A and B/ distinguish A from B
4. rates for(when ‘rates’ means prices charge)
5. the cost to sb of doing sth; cost sb sth in sth
6. attribute A to B; B is attributed to A
7. in the coming moth
8. admit that SVO/admit to sth
9. introduce into
10. in an attempt to
11. known to do sth/known to be sth/known as sth;/known for sth
12. the extent to which
13. be necessary to do/the necessity of doing/sth
14. consider n1 n2
15. in danger of
16. cite A as an instance of B; for instance
17. all things adj/all the adj things
18. credit[v] sb with having done/the credit[n] to sb for having done
19. substitute A for B
20. be expected to
21. both A and B
22. demand that s v o; [‘demand s to do’ is wrong.]
23. mistake A for B.
24. all of which [can not be ‘of which all’]
25. at a time when/ the year that/the period when/ an age in which
26. A is the reason why
27. threaten to do
28. allow sth to be done/sb to do sth
29. be responsible to sb/for doing sth/sth
30. forbid sth/doing sth; prohibit sb from doing sth
31. depict sth as sth/ as if SVO
32. contribute to sth/doing sth
33. the use of sth to do sth
34. the same as/that[用as与用that意思不同]
35. be capable of doing sth/the capability of doing sth/be able to do sth/the ability to do sth/the possibility of doning
36. [be capable of being done/be able/unable to be done] are wrong!!
37. effort to do sth
38. think of A as B
39. ‘,’ +who; prep+whom
40. supply for sth
41. it is hoped that
42. just as SVO, so SVO
43. the rivalry between A and B; rival A and B;A rival B for sth.
44. help to do/help do; be helpful in doing
45. sth prove adj
46. the necessity of sth
47. break with sb in sth
48. dispute over sth
49. on comparison of A with B
50. on condition that +subjunctive mood or past tense
51. be native to
52. in contrast with/to
53. with the intention of doing
54. the importance of sth/doing sth 
55. plan to do/on doing
56. whatever sth(v is unnecessary and can be omit)
57. the proposal to do/propose to do
58. allocate sth to sb/sth for sth/sth sth.
59. aid in doing sth/with the aid of sb/in aid of sth/aid to do
60. use sth as/to do sth
61. at speed
62. date back to/date from sth/ the date of
63. connection between A and B
64. the consequence of
65. if only because[这里only不是强语气词]
66. increase between A and B; increase of A to B
67. A and B alike
68. suggest A as B
69. distinction of being doing
70. aim at/to do
71. go unnoticed
72. a method of doing sth/to do
73. the chance of doing
74. said that +V[用一般现在是哦]
75. damage to sth/damage sth
76. at a disvantage
77. be/have/give grounds for
78. does more than do
79. alliance and treaties[必须一起出现]
80. even as = just as
81. have difficult in
82. restitution for
83. reversion to sth
84. carry on as [position]
85. take sb sth to do sth
86. target at
87. share sth with sb
88. that is[表示那就是说,不能用which means]
89. make do without
90. A is to B what C is to D
91. the reason [why](可省略,虽然og说不能但她自己都省过)SVO
92. it is important that A be[subjunctive mood] B
93. on surface; at pole/line
94. each…the other…
95. be intended on/up (doing) sth
96. impact on/upon
97. diminish[不能用impede] the possibility of doing sth
98. call sth to consider
99. recoup sth/recoup sb for sth
100. A be done that
101. looking to sb to do sth
102. make up for
103. At the invitation of sb[在某人的邀请之下]
104. skill in/at doing sth
105. namely that SVO
106. One A for every Bs
107. SVO at once[at once的位置]
108. S V1 O1, then V2 O2
109. reversion to + n
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