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Favorite book or a story



library national 国家图书馆

library municipal 市图书馆

public library 大众图书馆

school library 学校图书馆

college library, university library, academic library 大学图书馆

children's library 儿童图书馆

chief librarian, librarian 图书馆长

clerk 管理员

librarian 馆员

classifying 分类

cataloguing 编目

book reservation 典藏

circulation desk, delivery desk 出纳台

opening hours, hours of service, hours of loan service 开放时间

reader's card, admission card 借书证

in circulation, out 借出

not for circulation 不外借

overdue notice 催还通知

renewal 续借

book case 书橱

inter-library loan 馆际互借

international loan 国际互借

reading room 阅览室

newspaper reading room 报纸阅览室

periodical reading room 期刊阅览室

newspaper file, newspaper rod 报纸夹

newspaper rack 报架

bound volume 合订本

exhibition room, exhibition hall 展览室

exhibit rack, display rack 展览架

display window 陈列窗

current issue 现期杂志

back issue, back number 过期杂志

supplementary issue 增刊

index 索引

non-book materials 非书资料(指手稿、乐谱、唱片、地图等)

non-print media 非印刷载体(指视听资料)

audio-visual book 视听图书(指附有录音带、唱片、幻灯片、录像带、电影等的图书)

audiovisual studio 视听室

tape recorder 磁带录音机

cassette tape recorder 盒式磁带录音机

video tape recorder 磁带录像机

TV set 电视机

projector, film projector 电影放映机

slide projector 幻灯机


microfilm reader 缩微阅读机

book 图书

pamphlet, booklet 小册子

pocket book 袖珍书

secondhand book 旧书

front cover 封面

back cover 封底

fly page, flyleaf 扉页

title page 书名页

briefs, synopsis 内容提要

network 网络

terminal 终端

retrieval 检索

keyword 关键词

fairy tale神话故事,

Pinocchio 童话中的主角,fairy仙女, god神, goddess女神, monster怪物, 妖怪, villain坏人,

addict oneself to 沉溺于, 醉心于

《论语》 Analects of Confucius

《春秋》 Spring and Autumn Annals

《山海经》 the Classic of Mountains and Rivers

《史记》 Shi Ji; Historical Records

《资治通鉴》 History as a Mirror

《水浒传》 Heroes of the Marshes / Water Margins

《三国演义》 The Romance of the Three Kingdoms

《西游记》 Pilgrimage to the West / Journey to the West

《红楼梦》 A Dream of Red Mansions / The Story of the stone

《聊斋志异》 Strange Tales of a Lonely Studio

《西厢记》 The Romance of West Chamber

《阿Q正传》 The True Story of Ah Q

《围城》 A Surrounded City

Beauty and the Beast 美女和野兽

Cinderella 灰姑娘

Tortoise and the Hare 龟兔赛跑

Snow white and the seven dwarfs 白雪公主和七个小矮人

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp 阿拉丁和神灯

Ali Baba and the forty thieves 阿里巴巴和四十大盗


Many great writers were not appreciated fully while they were alive.
This is a poem about frontier life in the United States.
This writer uses vivid descriptions in his writings.
How much do you know about the works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow?

He thought his book would change society, but he didn’t bring it off.


She likes to read novels with happy endings.


Your latest book amused me no end.


Some people have compared books to friends.


They’re selling like hot cakes.


Hamlet was a fictitious character.


a fictitious story虚构的故事

a fruitful author of fiction多产的小说作家

It is an excellent novel in every way.


Try to look on the bright side of things.


All characters in the book are imaginary.


As is well known, books teach us to learn life, truth, science and many other useful things. They increase our knowledge, broaden our minds and strengthen our character. In other words, they are our good teachers and wise friends. This is the reason why our parents always encourage us to read more books.


Reading is a good thing, but we must pay great attention to the choice of books. It is true that we can derive benefits from good books. However, bad books will do us more harm than good.


Reading books can strongly shape you inclination, mature your thoughts, widen you horizon and enrich your personality. Life is limited, but knowledge is boundless. The more books we read, the more knowledge we get.

However, books can also be harmful, particularly the pornographic books. Bad books contain evil thoughts. In them, there might be much description about violence, superstition, and *.

Before we encourage our children to read books, we should teach and help them to identify good and bad books.

Studies serve for delight, for ornament, and for ability. Their chief use for delight, is in privateness and retiring; for ornament, is in discourse; and for ability, is in the judgement and disposition of business.


To spend too much time in studies, is sloth.

读书费时过多,无异于懒惰. (培根)

They perfect nature, and are perfected by experience: for natural abilities are like natural plants, that need pruning by study; and studies themselves do give forth directions too much at large, except they be bounded in by experience.



Internet literature books are shifting from the very edge of the publishing industry to the centre of it.

It’s a dead end road if Net literature keeps waiting for something to happen. As Net literature becomes more and more popular, it should be enriched with more variety in its content and more depth in its thinking. The publishing industry is shouldered with the responsibility of making Net literature become more mature.

Marketing: key to producing bestsellers

Books are often made popular by how well they are promoted, rather than how well they are written. At least this is certainly true of some novels.

Bestsellers (best-selling books) 畅销书

Behind every bestseller there is a huge investment into the promoted campaign.

We invested a considered sum of money into it, and the income is worth the investment.

Before Rich Dad Poor Dad was printed in China, the company had it promoted in more than 40 advertisements in newspapers and magazines and over 600 websites in just one month.

Books have to be advertised to get the public’s attention.

There are so many books company in the market. If you don’t promote it and just rely on word of month, it’s doomed to fail.

To promote a book, a publishing house first decides on a good topic and invites a write to write on it.

If you find the right topic, the topic readers are interested in, you find the market, then you have done half the job of making your book succeed.

What I like reading best are biographies of all kinds of people, especially those successful ones, for they are educational, can lift my spirit, give me energy and lead me to a right road.

关于Gwendolyn Brooks格温多林·布鲁克斯

Gwendolyn Brooks wrote hundreds of poems during her lifetime. She had more than twenty books published. She was known around world for using poetry to increase understanding about black culture in America.

Gwendolyn Brooks wrote many poems about being black during the Nineteen-Forties and Nineteen-Fifties. Her poems described conditions among the poor, racial inequality and drug use in the black community. She also wrote poems about the struggles of black women.

Gwendolyn Brooks once said that she wrote about what she saw and heard in the street. She said she found most of her material looking out of the window of her second-floor apartment house in Chicago, Illinois.

In Nineteen-Fifty, Gwendolyn Brooks became the first African-American to win the Pulitzer Prize for Literature. She won the prize for her second book of poems called "Annie Allen." "Annie Allen" is a collection of poetry about the life of a Bronzeville girl as a daughter, a wife and mother. She experiences loneliness, loss, death and being poor.

One of Gwendolyn Brooks most famous poems is called "We Real Cool". It is a short poem that talks about young people feeling hopeless:

"We real cool. We left school. We lurk late. We strike straight. We sing sin. We thin gin. We jazz June. We die soon."


"A writer is always alone, always an outsider," Ernest Hemingway said. Others said that of the many people he created in his books, Hemingway was his own best creation.

The novel was called the sun also rises. It is about young Americans in Europe after world war one. The war had destroyed their dreams. And it had given them nothing to replace those dreams.

The book was an immediate success. At the age of twenty-five Ernest Hemingway was famous.

Hemingway's sentences were short, the way he had been taught to write at the Kansas City Star newspaper. He wrote about what he knew and felt. He used few descriptive words. His statements were clear and easily understood.

He was able to paint in words what he saw and felt.

His new book told about an American soldier who served with the Italian army during world war one. He meets an English nurse, and they fall in love. They flee from the army, but she dies during (22) childbirth. Some of the events are taken from Hemingway's service in Italy. The book is called a Farewell to arms.

A farewell to arms was very successful.

In nineteen-sixty-one Ernest Hemingway killed himself. Among the papers he left was one that described what he liked best:

"to stay in places and to leave...to trust, to distrust...to no longer believe and believe again...to watch the (43) changes in the seasons...to be out in boats...to watch the snow come, to watch it go...to hear the rain...and to know where I can find what I want."


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